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We are a team of dedicated, hardworking individuals who believe in bringing justice to those who need it most. We believe in inalienable rights for all living and spriritual moral beeings, and we work hard to protect the rights of our clients. From assisting in legal issues, violation of individual inalienable rights, copyright infringement and identity abuse or theft, our team of experts will represent you in the best possible manner.

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We Believe in Justice for All

We began our journey with the organisation belief in fighting for justice for every individual
and have been striving hard to deliver what we promise our clients. Our experts
care about you, and will go far and beyond to protect your rights and defend you. The intellectual property of every sovereign and spiritually moral being deserves to be respected, preserved and protected. Whether it is patents of any kind, inventions, brand names, securities, names, wills, testaments or similar documents and records worthy of protection and registration. Thus, it is our task to become active here and to assist people with our services. Registration of property of a material and intellectual nature, is protected from unauthorized access by being entered in our directory under a uniquely assigned number, and is subject to our organizational and fiduciary rights of Zin-Uru Zal LLC.

Our Areas of Expertise

Registration of your own legal Name

Registration of names or trademarks to preserve inalienable rights and protect against unauthorized abuse or use under hidden contracts by second or third parties.

Patent Registration and Protection

Patent protection trough registration to secure intellectual property without hidden inputs or outputs. What is registered with Zin-Uru Zal LLC remains registered and protected in the registrant's mind.

Certificate Registration

Registration of important documents such as deeds, insured letters, securities, wills or declarations of intent can be stored securely and protected from unauthorized access by registration.

Protection of Inalienable Rights

Protection and enforcement of rights in the event of violation of inalienable rights of living, spiritually moral beings of reason is one of our areas of expertise in which we are active worldwide.

Our Process


Internal Knowledge

Legal Research


Let our team of experts handle your legal issues if your inalienable rights are violated.

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